Put your heart and soul into trading and had scant rewards for years of hard work?
Not ready to admit defeat?

Let Me Show You How Rule-Based Trading Systems Take The Fear, Confusion and Anxiety Away

This trading website is a bit different from the others .

If you are a beginner, most of it might go over your head. You might be better off by reading these excellent books (books are cheap).

If you want someone to predict the market, you’ve come to the wrong place, trader.

If you want custom indicators, signals, obscure esoteric methods or anything to do with binary options just keep on clicking.

If you think you can make money with Elliot Wave (aka eventually works) I’ve got some bad news for you. The future isn’t that predictable most of the time, and when we look for predictions it is usually because we are scared of the uncertainty that trading brings.

I trade the Futures and FX market for a living, and what I do here is “open the curtain” on real trading life.

You won’t see any fake photos of me driving a lambo or stepping out of my private jet. I trade in my pajamas most days with my cat sitting on my lap. Not very Wall Street I know…

I spend 3 hours updating my trade journals and spreadsheets for every hour I spend actually "trading". My long term win rate is almost exactly 50/50... and my winners are on average ever so slightly bigger than the losers.

No guaranteed winning trades. Just coin flips with an edge.

Real stuff. Not very glamorous, I know. But there are nuggets I share which you won't find anywhere else.

I’m calling out all the fakery and pretenders in the trading world.

First thing you have to know, is that the vast majority of people teaching trading in ANY form are failed traders.

Anyone telling you trading is an easy way to make money is full of it. I like to think I’m a pretty smart rational guy, and this is by far the hardest thing I've ever done.

After doing this full-time for 10 years, I've figured a few things out. But believe me, I've made every mistake in the book along the way.

But it has it’s good points… I love the freedom, I love to travel, and last year I spent 6 months travelling around the world, trading from my laptop. I feed my family with money I earn from the markets, and my accounts continue to compound.

It will probably take a decade longer than I thought to achieve my goals, but I no longer have any fear of failure. I am highly confident that I am on the right path.


I assume that every claim made about a trading method is nonsense. I put all kinds of technical analysis and old market theories to the torture test and share the results.

I share everything I know and help everyone I can. I’ve spent years going down dead end paths, and I would save you that pain.

I'll show you how I develop ideas for my trade setups. How I design, test, implement and then monitor my trading systems, and how I deal with the strong emotions that trading brings up.

Sure, I'll show you how I read my charts and do my analysis, but that’s not really the most important thing. The most important thing is to do it properly.

Find an edge. Build a system around that edge. Test the system. Trade the system.

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