Is Etienne Crete a legit trader – an honest review

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I met Etienne Crete a few years ago when he interviewed me for the popular podcast 

I’d never heard of him, but he impressed me that day as a very bright young man with good trading knowledge. I didn’t actually know that he’s way older than he looks, he just has a baby face.

Since then we’ve stayed in touch, and talked a little about his core trading system based on bollinger bands (like one of mine), and I’ve followed his results.

There’s an easy way to tell who is legit in the trading world.

The assholes talk about their performance like it’s a story. “I’ve been trading for 30 years!” “I learned off <famous-asshole>!” “I worked at <big bank where I didn’t actually trade>!” “I’m a blogger at <popular-blog>, because trading is a popularity contest, yaknow”.

The scant handful of legit guys can’t wait to show you their results spreadsheets.

That’s how you can tell. Your performance is a number not a story, and Etienne Crete’s numbers are good. Not better than mine, but not a long way off, either.

Anyway, since the trading world is full to the brim of assholes, frauds and fake-gurus… you can add him to the list of legit traders.

Solid dude, honest and reliable.

He has a webinar on becoming a funded trader which I think is pretty worth watching

Hope that helps

Scott Phillips



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