Is Etienne Crete a legit trader – an honest review

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I met Etienne Crete a few years ago when he interviewed me for the popular podcast 

I’d never heard of him, but he impressed me that day as a very bright young man with good trading knowledge. I didn’t actually know that he’s way older than he looks, he just has a baby face.

Since then we’ve stayed in touch, and talked a little about his core trading system based on bollinger bands (like one of mine)

His youtube content is first class, many good interviews there.

Personally I’d like to see some actual results instead of just “testimonials” but considering how greasy the retail end of the spectrum is he’s probably better than most.

I mean you know the drill. Almost certainly a guy who traded at some point, blew up, transitioned to guru mode. Doubt he trades anymore tbh, but most of those guys don’t.

I think his systems are probably alright.

He also has some good ideas about becoming a funded trader.

Hope that helps

Scott Phillips

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