Is Etienne Crete a legit trader – an honest review

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I met Etienne Crete a few years ago when he interviewed me for the popular podcast 

I’d never heard of him, but he impressed me that day as a very bright young man with good trading knowledge. I didn’t actually know that he’s way older than he looks, he just has a baby face.

Since then we’ve stayed in touch

His youtube content is first class, many good interviews there.

But he’s full of shit. Doesn’t trade. Rips off retail punters. Never has made a dollar from trading… in fact he lost all his trading capital and that’s why he switched to being a fake-guru.

Tells people you can “bEcOmE a fUnDeD tRaDeR” with FTMO (which you certainly can’t, it’s a total scam)

He’s a good bloke. But I’m *done* saying that this kind of bullshit is ok.

You can check if someone is legit by their published track record. No track record, they are full of shit.

Scott Phillips



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